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A – Z of recruitment

A – Z of recruitment. You might already work or be thinking about APPLYING FOR a job in recruitment or simply want to talk or understand what your friends who work in recruitment are talking about. This A-Z list below should help you.

A - Z of Recruitment.  A list to make your life easier

A – Z of recruitment. You might already work or be thinking about APPLYING FOR a job in recruitment or simply want to talk or understand what your friends who work in recruitment are talking about. This A-Z list below should help you.

A is for applicant. This is a person who applies for a job.

B is for background check. This is when a company researches the background of an applicant or candidate which is likely to include a criminal background check, details on their application, as well as social media.

C is for cover letter. This is an email or letter that goes with your CV to give more information about why you are applying for a job.

D is for direct hire. This is when a company hires someone directly without any out the use of a middle-man.

E is for entry-level. This is a job that requires no previous experience.

F is for fixed-term contract. This is a contract that has an expiry date and will end at some point.

G is for group interview. This is an interview when there is more than one candidate in the room at the same time. All candidates are interviewed together.

H is for headhunt. This is when you find someone for a vacancy rather than them coming to you. Usually the person you find who is best for the job already has a job and works for another company.

I is for initial interview. This is the first stage of an interview when there are more than one step in the application process.

J is for job seeker. This is a person who is looking for a job.

K is for KSA. This is an abbreviation commonly used in HR that stands for Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.

L is for to lay off. When a company has financial problems, it might need to lay off people. Basically, this means the people who are laid off don’t have a job anymore. They are not sacked or fired.

M is for minimum wage. This is the minimum amount of money you have to pay someone by law.

N is for Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This is a contract you sign which details you aren’t allowed to talk about what is said or happening in a company.

O is for overtime. All time over the hours you have in contract is classed as overtime. In some company’s overtime is paid at a higher rate.

P is for panel. This is a group of people who interview a candidate.

Q is for queasy. This is a feeling of sickness in your stomach that you might get before a very important interview.

R is for recruitment agency. This is a company who specialises in finding jobs for job-seekers and companies.

S is for sack. This is when somebody does something wrong or shows poor performance or behaviour and the person has to leave the company.

T is for talent pool. This is a database of potential future candidates for a company

U is for umbrella company. This is a company that sits in the middle of a company and worker. Money will be paid to the umbrella company and then paid to the worker. It is often used for fixed-term contracts.

V is for vacancy. This is a job that is available

W is for wages. This is the amount of money you get paid per week or per month. An hourly wage is also the amount you receive per hour too.

X is for xylophone. This is something you might buy your child to celebrate your new job.

Y is for To yell. Something you might do in pleasure if you get hired for your dream job

Z is for Zoom. This is software for meetings and can be used for job interviews.

Just a few bonus ones too.

Application process. The steps from applying for a job to being hired.
Aptitude test. A test that is used at the application process to see if you are suitable for a job before it is accepted.
Candidate. Someone being considered for the job
Induction. This is a day of training before you start a job.
Hire. What you do when you find the right person for the job
Redundancy pay. This is money a company gives you if they have to lay
To turn down. This is when you are offered a job and you say no
HR. The abbreviation that stands for human resources

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